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Brent began his career in the automobile business in 1986 as an owner and eventually Dealer Principal for one of the Midwest's most successful dealerships. Eventually working in each department of the dealership, Brent became very knowledgeable concerning each aspect of the automobile business. Brent quickly found his strength in auto purchasing and re-marketing. Looking for additional sales volume, Brent began to study the fleet side of the business and began to carve a reputation and niche in the automotive fleet world. Simultaneous to creating a great automobile business, Brent found and pursued an interest in Real Estate. Brent used the experience he acquired in both real estate and automobiles to eventually evolve his new company into Kline Corporation. Over the years, Kline Corporation has branched into just about any service needed in the automotive fleet , leasing, rental and inventory needs world.

Prior to joining Kline in 2011, Jason was a Commercial Loan Officer for a Midwest Regional Bank and later a small-town bank in Chillicothe, MO. For several years Jason has underwritten and worked with clients in various industries including the automotive industry, analyzing business opportunities to drive profitability and mitigate various risk factors. He has assisted companies both large and small with expansion, business planning, and financing. Understanding market trends, end-user demand, and the competitive landscape is the basis of developing a winning plan and Jason is committed to helping clients reach their goals.
DOUG BROCKMAN (COO, Kline Van and Specialty Rental) 

Doug is a successful marketer and has driven multi-million dollar campaigns in the long term rental arena for several years, negotiating fleets for major utilities and telecoms through acquisition and mergers. Doug has handled contracting transportation for international athletic events and has developed new programs for companies desiring custom leases and rental programs not available through conventional outlets. Doug brings technical expertise in the areas of development and implementation of web-based technology to take advantage of e-commerce and on-line ordering for fleets. He brings more experience as the logistics and compliance coordinator between manufacturers and customers to ensure smooth delivery of fleets and to assist with compliance involved with special fleet arrangements, including DOT, ICC, multi-jurisdictional, and apportionment. Doug was instrumental in launching a new business arm of a local rental car operation which gained sales of over $1 million and served 48 states in less than 2 years. Doug operated a Hertz Rental Car franchise and has been recognized for his success in operating and maintaining a state-of-the-art reservation center that serviced 43 Network Members in the United States and Canada.
TED VANDEVORT (Director of Fleet Services) 

Ted has worked with Brent Kline in the retail and fleet automobile business for nearly 20 years. Being one of the first sales people for Brent’s retail car dealerships, Ted began to show the ability to take on more and greater responsibility. Ted eventually worked his way up to General Manager and General Sales Manager. His duty was to watch each department of the dealership and make sure systems were in place to lead to the dealerships success. Ted's primary time was spent in the sales department approving deals and planning inventory acquisition. Ted's experience and ability to relate with the customer and his natural inclination toward the automobile industry have made him very successful. Ted has utilized his knowledge gained in the retail automotive business and utilizes it daily being responsible for Kline leasing to rental car companies, Kline new car buy programs, Kline program car buy programs, Kline Dealer assistance for hitting dealer cash or selling stale inventory, Kline repurchase and guaranteed depreciation programs, Kline fleet plan assistance.
BRIAN WESTPHAL (Fleet Services Account Manager) 

Brian has a well-rounded and experienced professional background over the past 20 years. For the first 15 years of his professional career, he worked in various computer related areas including mainframe programming, business analysis, web development, application testing, training, and project management. Working for a national transportation company, he led the design and training of a web-based sales call center that increased sales output by 150%. Prior to joining Kline in 2007, Brian was previously the marketing director for a family entertainment center and helped them achieve sales of over $1 million in its opening year. Upon joining Kline Corporation, Brian has worked in both fleet sales and retail sales, daily rental, and has managed the transportation department for both fleet and retail divisions.
ALYSE VANDEVORT (Fleet Services Account Manager) 

Alyse grew up in the automotive industry and her love for cars started at a very young age. Her father was the general sales manager at a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler dealership and her grandfather retired from the Ford manufacturing facility in Kansas City. Her passion for the automobile industry grew more as she got older and at the age of 13, she began working for a new car dealership. As she got older, she was given more responsibility and took on new roles within various departments. Alyse continued to work part-time at the dealership while she studied psychology and communication at Truman State University. Upon graduation, she co-managed a newly opened restaurant and was able to utilize her organization, human resources, and analytical skills. Alyse returned to her true passion in the automotive industry by joining Kline Corporation. Alyse is currently the fleet account manager with Kline Corporation, a national fleet and leasing company. Her enthusiasm for cars combined with her strong communication and analytical skills affords her the ability to service and grow the company’s accounts, clients, and customers. She specializes in locating and buying vehicles for specific customers, researches and analyzes market trends, and organizes data for the company's records. Alyse’s specific skill set allows her to provide unique and innovative ideas to the ever-changing and complicated automotive market.
JERI LONG (Office/Accounting Manager) 

Jeri Long has worked with Brent Kline in the retail and fleet automobile business for nearly 10 years. Her duties have included office manager, finance manager and business manager. With over 20 years experience in Retail Management, customer relations and sales management, previous to her employment with Kline, her experience has proven invaluable.
SALLY STEFANCIK (Office/Accounting) 

Sally has worked with Brent Kline in both the retail and fleet automobile business since 2008. Her responsibilities have reached into several areas of the business as her industry knowledge has grown. She is involved in accounting and leading various projects.
SUSAN COOK (Logistics Manager/Administration) 

Susan took over transportation duties in 2013 and has shown her aptitude for detail.  In addition to managing transportation, she handles local rental units and various administration projects.